Hello, I'm Julie!

I am the wife of an amazingly supportive husband and mother of four kids, two boys and two girls.

I live in a small town in Missouri and think I might be an out in the country girl at heart. I lived in Hawaii for my first 16 years of life and loved growing up on the beautiful island of Oahu.

I had an amazing childhood running wild, barefoot & free, exploring & learning in a fairly free range lifestyle. I was home-schooled K-Graduation so I was allotted hundreds more hours than most kids to adventure in the beautiful nature I called home.

I am the youngest of my parents 4 children, which was and always will be, an adventure.

I can’t wait until we can move our little family to a farm on a gravel/dirt road, with chickens and goats, maybe some ducks & geese, too! For now, we'll settle for our small above ground vegetable garden and large fenced in backyard where my kids can run free.

I love natural remedies, whole food, and have a cabinet stuffed full of essential oils and bulk herbs/spices.

I have a passion for sewing, painting, building with my tools, & creating in general. If I had a spare afternoon I would most definitely be outside covered in saw dust or dust from sanding down a project! But lately one of my most treasured passions is building our own Legacy Home Library. I have always collected old good books, but it wasn't until I really started doing my research that I discovered my deep love of living books. I have a knack for finding them pretty much everywhere I look and decided to start helping other households acquire the books they need, for their home libraries & school, as well! 


I competed in the Assemblies of God National Fine Arts Festival in high school & finished with Honors.

I have a ravenous sweet tooth, give me anything chocolate!

If it was socially acceptable to not wear shoes, I would be all in. I can still run across gravel, like a kid. I grew up in Hawaii where we went 99.9% of the time completely barefooted. In fact, when I moved here it felt completely foreign to have to wear tennis shoes.

I was a singer/songwriter for most of my adolescence and into adulthood. You can still hear some of my music on Myspace if you really wanted to.

I went on one amazing mission trip to a small village 15 hours into the Sierra Madres in Mexico when I was 20. It was pretty much life changing. 
I was homeschooled my entire way through school & now homeschool my 4 children as well, although at this time only 2 are of school age. 


  • To follow along our homeschooling adventures and real life blogging, projects for a home that's hand made, creative things of all sorts, and our simple life here in Missouri if you follow me at instagram.com/capturing_wonderland

  • If you're looking for audio books to help supplement your homeschooling I also started a podcast called Everyday Charlotte where I read various living educational material, including books in the public domain. Each episode is a single chapter to help making linking easy & listening short! Most episodes are between 5-15 minutes long. Follow at EverydayCharlotte.com or Instagram.com/everydaycharlotte 
  • My oldest son and I have also started a Nature-Study project where we post about little known animals and fun facts. We hope to create a year long nature-study program as well, more about that soon... to follow along with that find us at wildchildzoology.com or instagram.com/wildchildzoology

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